Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dollar Store Finds Turned Votive Holders

I love poking around dollar stores.  Why?  You never know what you will find.  Last visit, in addition to the pieces featured in this post, I got a bunch of seeds for our garden.  Yay!  Some of them were planted in my seed starter kits and have started to grow.

But back to the project.  I found a couple of votive holder that were already an oiled bronze color (score, no need to spray paint) and a couple of small glass vases.  Below is one set. 

I flipped the voitive holder over, applied superglue to the metal edge, set the vase on top making sure it was level and...tada...

For only $2, I think it is a cute and slightly different from the usual votive holder. 

I duplicated the same process on the other two pieces for a second holder.

I placed one in our basement guest room on the revamped table.  I think it looks perfect in that spot with the bronze color looking fabulous with the espresso color of the table. 

The other one ended up in our living room to give a little atmosphere on our Craigslist end table that still is in dire need of a redo. 

Don't you just love the vase? It was a wedding present made specially for us by my mother's cousin.

Not too shabby to end up with two votive holders for a whopping $4. 

What creations have you come up with from your Dollar Store finds?

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