Saturday, March 5, 2011

On this weekend's To Do list

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It is the usual busy weekend of keeping up withe usual house stuff but we also have a few house related projects/activities on the list.

I am making a grow light frame so I can start my veggie seeds using 2x2s, a shop light and some regular florescent bulbs.  Total cost is less than $40 or so.  Even better than the price?  I get to use some power tools.

We are also moving some furniture that we were storing in the garage into the basement so we can actually start working on getting them refinished or repainted.  Then that means that we will be able to reorganize the garage.  (Oh, to have a clean-ish garage.)  And the up-side for you readers is having furniture where it can be worked =  projects to post on the blog.  [:)]

Finally, we are heading to our local Home & Garden Show to get some ideas for, whatelse, the home and the garden. 

What plans, house related or not, do you have for this weekend? 

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