Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend To Dos 6/2-3 & Menu Plan 6/3-9

Our To Do list this week is easy.  It is everything that didn't get done last weekend.  As you may have seen in my Kitchen Update Gone Awry post, our mini kitchen update took longer than we thought it would (I know, put on your shocked face) so we didn't get everything done.  Add that to the fact that the weather here has been dreadful, cold and rainy, most of the week so we weren't able to get caught up.  Oh well, such is the nature of the To Do list, right?
  1. Work on touching up paint on walls
  2. Farmer's Market
  3. Purchase flowers and hanging baskets
  4. Pot up flowers
  5. Grocery, Cleaning, Laundry, Bank
  6. Do test area by oven on the counter top paint
  7. Fire up the grill
  8. Order more bark (yeah, I can't believe we need more either, but we didn't have enough left over to finish in the garden.)
  9. Patio furniture from basement
  10. Apply teak oil to the Adirondack chairs
  11. Finish Fence Post Planter 
  12. Family Dinner
  13. Blog posts - photos and write ups

Last week was a total fail on our following our menu plan.  We ended up working late or getting invited out to dinner several times.  Then on Friday, some good stuff happened at D's work so we went out to celebrate.  This means that basically everything is back on the list for this week.

Sunday:  Family Dinner (brats on the grill)
Monday:  FITF
Tuesday:  Salmon Dinner Salad
Wednesday:  BBQ chicken
Thursday:  Steaks
Friday:  FITF
Saturday:  Orange Chicken

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