Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Outfitting the Fireplace Without Breaking the Bank

We have a working woodburning fireplace in our family room.  (Sqwee!!)  However, it was a blank slate.  Literally.  

See what I mean. 

The previous owner needed to take out the firebox due to an ill fit resulting in a potential fire hazard.  So we didn't even have a grate to hold the logs.   We also didn't even have a damper door for the flue (no wonder we were having so many bugs in the house in the evening).  The adventure of getting that figured out will be in another post. 

Back to the fireplace.  We have some major changes planned for the family room,  however we didn't want to wait for those to happen before we could use the fireplace.  Craigslist was again the place I went, trying to find something that would work and at the same time wouldn't stretch our wallet.  And just like with the chair, I hit the jackpot.    A fireplace set for $30.  The set included the log holder, fireplace screen, tool holder, shovel, broom and poker in a black wrought iron finish.

Add the log grate for about $32 and for just over $60, we were all set for the cold fall nights (and maybe some s'mores).

Tip of the Project:  Don't forget to check Craigslist, garage sales and other non-traditional sources for supplies for your home to save money.

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