Friday, September 18, 2009

Redone Bedroom Chair a.k.a. That Place We Will Throw Our Clothes

Every bedroom needs a chair.  For sitting and putting on, and taking off, shoes.  For a quick read of a magazine.  Or for their actual purpose (you know what I am talking about) to be that thing you throw your pants on at the end of the day.

I went right to Craigslist to find a chair since we haven't made a final decision on a new bedroom set and I didn't want to spend too much. 

And Craigslist came through with this beauty for a whopping $5.

I liked the lines and the previous owner had stripped/sanded most of the finish and/or paint off so the prep work was quick and easy.  Just a it more sanding was needed.

Priming was done with that fabulous primer in a can, Kilz Odorless Oil-Based Primer.  This has been recommended by many a blogger.  I can add my own plug to the list.  The spray can application makes it a breeze.  My only problem was that since the wood was so old and dry, I needed two cans of primer to get good coverage.  Once primed, I let it dry overnight and then gave the chair a quick sand in several places that felt a bit rough. 

Then it was onto painting.  I had a quart of Benjamin Moore Midberry Brown left from painting the cabinets in the bathroom of our old home.  I love the color.  It reminds me of a rich extra chocolatey mocha coffee drink.  (mmmm, chocolate).  Here is the chair painted and waiting for the glossy finish to dry.

The next step was recovering the very "attractive" leather seat.  Two layers of batting and a brown, cream and green patterned fabric later, the seat looks brand new.

Put them together and what do you have?  A fabulous chair for our bedroom. 

And with the colors I chose in the fabric, if we go in another direction I can move the chair to the green bedroom or even the office.

Tip of the Project:  Let the paint dry overnight before spraying with the final clearcoat.  Then let the clearcoat dry overnight before securing the seat to the frame.

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