Saturday, September 12, 2009

Welcome to Our Work in Progress

We closed on our "Forever Home" on July 31.

When we made our offer, we were following the key rules of real estate - location, school district and buying the worst house in the best neighborhood we could.

Every room needed cleaning/help/work/updating/paint/you name it and the yard needs help/work with water, seed and weed control. If that isn't enough to take on, turns out the previous owner considered himself a bit of a "handyman." What that means for us is that we will need to fix his fixes most if not all were done on the cheap/the quickest/ the easiest/the way that used the most gum and duct tape. However, the layout is perfect for us and the bones are great. The house is built like a fortress with a totally brick exterior, 1-inch thick subfloors and generous room sizes. However, it is liveable so we will be in a work zone for the forseeable future.

Join us as we document the updates, projects and renovations along with tips, tricks and reviews of the products we use while we work on claiming our space in a way that is totally our style.

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