Sunday, November 22, 2009

Discovery! Why We Have No Squeaky Floors!

When we were laying the new bamboo flooring in the office, we made a discovery.  Not a bad one, like many of our discoveries (the nonfunctioning dishwasher is one that springs to mind), but a pleasant one.

We have 1 inch plus thick plywood for our subfloors.   (We decided to not try to figure out why there was a big hole cut into the floor of the office.  Sometimes it just isn't possible to get into the mind of the previous owner.)

With this discovery, we now know why it was so difficult to get the phone line from the basement to the office (post on this to come in the coming weeks), why the house is so quiet and why we do not have a single squeaky floorboard in the entire house. 

Here's hoping we make more good discoveries as we continue to Claim Our Space.

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  1. Wow. When we pulled off the trim to do our floors they used the 12" nails throughout the ENTIRE house. And used 50000000 different types of trim so nothing matched. Hello white paint.


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