Thursday, July 5, 2012

My House Goals 2012 - 2nd Qtr Update

The 2nd quarter of 2012 has come and gone.

This means it is check in time for My 2012 House Goals.

We have several projects completed, several more with progress and too many that haven't been touched or that have been moved to 2013.

Sigh!  Is it possible to add a couple more months to the year so we don't feel so bad about our lack of progress on many of our goals?

Indoor Projects:

1. Master Bedroom - Progress planned
  • Major plans scheduled for Labor Day weekend. Originally we had planned to do this project Memorial Day weekend but we ended up working on a mini kitchen update instead.
  • We will be installing bamboo flooring, painting and replacing the trim.
2. Rip out and replace flooring in hall bathroom - Moved to 4th Qtr 2013 or even early 2014
  • We have totally changed our plan of a mini-makeover and now plan on doing a total gut job including moving the laundry upstairs. We need to do major planning on this one since we will be moving plumbing and electrical. Luckily the ceiling in the basement isn't finished under this area and so it shouldn't be that bad.
3. Living Room- PROGRESS!
  • The mantle is half stripped
  • Woodwork has one coat of white paint, needs a 2nd and maybe a 3rd
  • Tile for the fireplace surround has been selected: 3x6 marble subway tile on the surround; 6x12 marble tile on the hearth
  • Shelves and lights have been installed in both cabinets
  • Cabinet interiors have been painted
  • Need to finish trim on 2nd cabinet
  • Need to order additional glass shelves
4. Install baseboards and trim in the hallways, foyer and living room - No progress
  • Of course, this lack of progress and no plan to start hasn't stopped us from leaving our compressor in the living room - covered with a towel to disguise it - just in case we get a wild hair and feel the need to start installing trim right.this.very.minute!
5. Set up crafting/sewing area in the downstairs guest room - COMPLETE!
  • We decided to set up my craft desk and storage shelving in the back of the downstairs family room so I can watch/listen to the TV while I am at my desk versus being in the the guest room. It isn't totally organized yet since I am still figuring out where to put commonly used things but I love it!
6. Create dedicated exercise area in basement with small TV - COMPLETE!
  • We decided to skip trying to get cable in this space since we didn't want to pay for another box so we just hooked up our extra DVD player instead.  Is it perfect? No, but much improved from before.
7. Replace fixtures/lighting in the master and hall bathrooms - PROGRESS!
  • We have replaced the faucets but are still looking for lighting.
8. Finish the wall repair in the hallway - No progress
  • I am waiting until 3rd Qtr to tackle this project. It is hard to think about getting covered in drywall compound dust when it is so hot. (We don't have central air and it is hot and humid here in MI right now. Boo!)
9. Install curtains/shelving to create a "linen closet" in the back hallway - Moved to 2013
  • I found this photo on pinterest that has inspired us (meaning me) to install an actual built-in linen closet in the hallway. D is "thrilled" with this new plan. [insert sarcasm font here]
10. Install new lighting in the hallways - PROGRESS!
  • I have the sprayed the lights we removed from the kitchen hammered bronze. They just need to be installed by D.
Outdoor Projects:

1. Replace/repair small deck off kitchen and add stairs to garden - No progress

2. Expand the garden by adding more garden boxes - Moved to 2013
  • We have the wood but need to remove a tree that is in the way of where I want to put some of the boxes.  Plus one of our add on projects ate into my garden budget for this year.
3. Build a potting bench - Moved to 2013
  • This is going to be one of my winter building projects.
4. Build a strawberry tower - Moved to 2013.
  • This is going to be one of my winter building projects.
5. Install fencing around the garden to keep out the critters - Moved 2013
  • Since we will be expanding the garden next year, I am just using some rabbit fencing and posts this year. It was a quick, easy and inexpensive solution.
  • The "fancy" fencing will wait until next spring.
6. Hire someone to take down two large trees - Progress planned
  • We have gotten a couple of quotes that are really high so we are still shopping around.  Who knew tree removal was so darn expensive?
7. Finish steps from garage to garden - COMPLETE!
  • We used landscaping timber stained a dark brown, large galvanized spikes to hold everything together and pea pebbles and stepping stones to complete the look. I love it!
8. Clean up/rework the "natural areas" in the backyard - Progress planned
  • Remove several plants that we have learned can be poisonous for Willow.
    • My brother is going to take the rhododendrons but they should be transplanted in the fall so this will wait until then.
  • Cut down some dying/sickly trees for more light
  • Plant Columnar apple trees, if I can talk D into it - Moved to 2013
    • I need more time to try to persuade him to let me plant fruit trees.
    • Or alternatively to find some large pots so any trees I do plant will stay small, which may help to persuade him since he has visions of a yard full of dropped fruit and yellow jacket wasps.
Furniture projectsPROGRESS!

1 and only 1 goal: Finish repainting/restaining/etc. my "project" pieces.

I currently have waiting for my attention
  • 4 nightstands/end tables (plus one I forgot about).
    • 2 end tables are complete
    • 1 end table sanded and waiting for paint
  • 1 dresser
  • 1 bar cart
  • 3 lamps (not including 1 lamp shade redo).
    • 1 lamp painted - need get some fabric to redo the lampshade
  • 1 chair
    • After closer inspection, this chair is getting a coat of colorful paint and is going in the garden as a plant stand. It needs major work and, with my long list of redo projects, that isn't going to happen. I spent $5 on it so I don't feel like I am out too much money.
  • 1 cedar chest
  • 2 buffets
Even though our list is long as our arm and we haven't made progress on many of the items, we made some additions (I am not sure what we were thinking!).

Mini Kitchen Makeover - COMPLETE!
  • Painted, added tile backsplash, replaced lighting, swapped out beige outlets and plugs for white ones.
Operation No More Grass in the Garden - Almost COMPLETE!
  • Added bark chips to cover the grass area in the garden so I don't need to try to mow around the boxes. Yay for no more grass!It was a giant PITA to try to maneuver the lawnmower between the boxes and then follow up with the weed trimmer with it's long extension cord.(This will be completed as soon as the temps drop back to bearable levels not the near 100 degrees we have had for the last 2 weeks).
  • This project is the reason the "new garden boxes" are moved to 2013. It took us too long to get this project done and the cost of the cedar bark ate up the rest of this year's garden budget.


  1. wow that's a big list i see why you need more months this year. best of luck I know you guys can do it ;)

  2. Thanks! We always overplan and add stuff but at least this helps keep us on track. By the end of next quarter, I am sure there will be more blue Completes!


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