Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Weekend in Charlevoix

It seems like it has been months since we were up north, but it was only a couple of weeks ago. Isn't that how summer works much of the time?

My parents rent a condo over looking one of the marinas on Lake Charlevoix so this is what we got to see each day when we were over visiting from our hotel. Gorgeous!

We even got to see a rainbow one afternoon. Such an exciting surprise.

We were surprised when we went downtown to find that it was the weekend of the Arts and Crafts Fair. What a great place to get inspired for some crafty projects as well as to just admire the amazing talents of the artists displaying their works.

 I loved how this artist enhanced the photograph by painting out to the edge of the canvas. It wasn't surprising to see that it was already sold.

 For those with a rustic design style, these tables and lamps would be perfect!

 This glorious flower display is amazing because these are not live flowers. They are all carved from wood and hand painted. Amazing!

This amazing art piece is made with inlaid wood. Each piece is either stained or painted. I can't imagine how long it took to make.

In the middle of our walking around, D and the kids struck a pose.  Very photogenic, don't you think?

This cute guy had the most mesmerizing eyes! I am still kicking myself or not picking him up and taking him home.

 This succulent wreath was one of the coolest things I saw. If I thought I would be able to keep it alive, I would have gotten one.

We didn't have room in the car for one of these cool sprinklers but we got their card because it is definitely on our to buy list for the garden.

Here is the last pic from the Arts and Crafts Fair, and I think it is my favorite one. These artist had a number of large dogs dressed as people.  We thought this couple looked like they were enjoying just watching everyone walk by.

This was our view during the entire time. Even though it was a steamy 93 degrees, it didn't seem quite so hot looking over the water.

There are several galleries in the area and this silly bird was on display outside one of them.  I love the colors and his silly teeth.

We had a roadside picnic next to Lake Michigan one evening. Fun was had by all but we didn't get to see the sunset.

A big cloud bank rolled in and this was our sunset. The evening was so nice we still enjoyed every minute of the abbreviated "show."

That didn't stop D and the kids from exploring.

When we left for the night, we had were wished goodbye by this gull. It was amazing that he was so unafraid of my approach and these photos were taken from about 6 feet away.

I hope you enjoyed some of the pics from our trip!

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