Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend To Dos 7/7-8 & Menu Plan 7/8-13

D's kids are here for their summer visit so we don't have many house projects planned but instead plan to to some serious hanging out.  Well, at least indoor in the basement hanging out since since 100+ heat isn't conducive to outdoor activities. 

That being said, we still have a few things on the list.
1.  Grocery/Laundry/Cleaning
2.  Watering garden, flowers and lawn
3.  Farmers Market
4.  Finish spreading bark (but only if it isn't already over 80 degrees at 7 am like the past week)
5.  Blog posts and photos
6. Plant veggie seeds
7.  Finish fence post flower project

Of course, we also will be renting some movies, hanging out with the grandparents and playing with Willow.  I know D wants to spend some time alone with the kids, so I figure I will get my projects done during those times. 

It is a cooking outdoors kind of week.  D loves it, the kids love it, Willow love to go in and out constantly with D and the kids, I love the lack of dishes. Win, win, win, win!

Plus, having the grill fired up is the prefect excuse for making s'mores. We haven't done that yet this summer and it is time!

Sunday:  Salmon with Mornay Sauce
Monday:  Crockpot Roast Chicken
Tuesday:  BBQ ribs
Wednesday:  Grilled Cheese (D has class)
Thursday:  Carne Asada
Friday:  Out of Town
Saturday: Out of Town

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