Monday, August 20, 2012

Bad fan + too much heat = one new laptop

Sorry for the lack of post but my laptop gave up the ghost. It was overheating and shutting down at random since there was an issue with the fan.  Thanks to Dell and their fast shipping, I have a new and fabulous laptop (plus a new XBox - it was a package special.)

So this past weekend was spent moving files and recovering data (and maybe playing some too much Fable III).

On the plus side, I did finally find some pics of old projects that I never got around to blogging. On the negative side, what a giant pain!

I am back up and running now.

See you tomorrow when Tout It Tuesday will be up and running.


  1. A new laptop and an XBox!!! Woot~ it's a pain when a computer dies but a new computer is just!!

    1. It has been a pain making sure everything got transferred over but the new laptop is so fast! And I am a bit like a teenage boy with the XBox. I can't stop playing! :-D


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