Friday, August 3, 2012

Perspectives - A Photo Challenge: LIFE

It is week 3 of "Perspectives - A Photo Challenge hosted by Lena B Photography, Agape Love Designs and When Shutters Click.

Manic Mother

This week's challenge was LIFE!

After last week's difficulty finding photos with yellow, this one was much easier.  Sorry for all the dog pictures but D and I are some of "those" people. We don't have kids of our own so Willow is a HUGE part of our life and the reality is that much of our life revolves around her. Plus, she is just so stinking sweet.

1.  Willow enjoying in the pond at the dog park.  We take our silly dog to the park several times a week and getting her lots of exercise makes our life much happier and calmer. Plus, the exercise does us good too.

2.  Our 65 pound dog thinks she is a lap dog and will howl at D until he lets her up into his favorite lounge chair. She will stay up there for as long as he lets her just getting good snuggles. Sometimes she even falls asleep like this. It cracks me up every time I see it.

3. This last one I call "the one thing you can count on in life (and renovations) is that you will find something you don't plan on." When we tore up the carpet to install our bamboo flooring we were horrified to discover major water damage from an old leak. Boo! We ended up tearing out the sheetrock in the corner, discovering carpenter ants (shudder) and then tearing out the subfloor to the joists before putting it all back together again so we could actually install the flooring. Blerg!

Here are the deets so you can join in if you like. I really hope you will!  I would love to see the photos that mean Life to you.
Each week the hosts will choose a "theme" and on Friday, they ask that everyone link up 3 different photos representing their PERSPECTIVE of the week's theme.  It's all about YOUR perspective & interpretation!

{If you don't have a blog, you can link to a flickr account, etc. They just want to see your photos!!}

By the way... you dont have to be a professional photographer to join in!

You can even use your camera phone. (I know I will!)
They just want to see YOUR perspective!
They want to see how YOU view the world. :)
So don't by shy, or afraid to join in!

The following week, each host will choose & highlight their favorite photo from the linkup!

The second linkup is going to be happening today, August 3rd...
Link up your post with 3 photos you've taken to represent this week's theme:


They want this to be successful, so if you're IN give a few shout outs!
Grab a button a spread the word!
Feel free to tweet using hash tags #Perspectives or #PerspectivesPhotoChallenge and #July20
as well as tag @mariagridly, @Mom2MandR, and @shuttersclick.


  1. Great photos! Willow is precious! The hug photo!? Oh my gosh, too cute!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. great pics willow is too funny on the chair enjoy your weekend

  3. Willow seems like an amazing dog! I love the photo with her on the cute!


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