Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tout It Tuesday - #23

Claiming Our Space's Tout It Tuesday

It's time for Tout It Tuesday - #23

Willow continues to feel better so that makes us happy.  She has turned into an even bigger snuggle bug than she was before.  Fall is here. I am still in denial but since I have been able to see my breath the last couple of mornings, I guess I better get on board.

In addition to fall decorating, I have a ton of projects and recipes I have been working on and need to get wrapped up so I can share them with you. I have the after from my upholstery class, 2 end table redos, a tack board revamp, a menu planner from an IKEA frame, tons of baked goods, and more...

With that, onto this week's Features!
Sew Can Do shared her tutorial on making a gathered pillow.  I can see one of these going on our bed. 

A Flock in the City shows how to make Cheese Bread. I love this stuff and let me tell you, it makes a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon even better!

Do Small Things With Love made this fab cork monogram. I love that she cut the corks into smaller pieces to make the shape.  Plus, you know I have a cork crush going on after making my 2 types of trivets.

Crafty in Crosby shared a recipe for my kind of pie - chocolate!! Yum! While D may say it is too chocolate-y, I say there is no such thing.

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This week's Fan Fav is a great repurpose from Tousled Day - using a pillow case to make a night dress. How cute is this?

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I can't wait to see what people will be share this week and know that I will be inspired by everyone's projects and recipes. 

Just a few rules/guidelines.

1. I would love it if you would follow through GFC or Bloglovin'.

2. Please do not link shops or link parties that are not related to a project, photo or recipe challenge. Everything else is accepted.

3. Linking to Claiming Our Space isn't required but I would appreciate it if you would grab my button and either display it with the post you are linking up or under your list of parties.

Claiming Our Space's Tout It Tuesday
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4. Don't forget to click on the "like" button on your favorite project or recipe so I know which one should be the week's Fan Fav.

5.  Please try to visit at least two posts for each link you submit and leave a comment. Comments make everyone happy!

With all that out of the way, let's Tout It!


  1. Hi. wonderful to hear that Willow is better :)
    I know I get very stressful when my cat is coughing so how I understand....
    Thanks for another party :)

  2. Thanks for hosting. Have a lovely week. :)

  3. thanks for hosting have a wonderful week

  4. So glad to join your party. Have linked up my Banana Coconut Loaf for your readers.

  5. Glad to hear Willow is better!
    Thank you for hosting every week - have a great day,

  6. Thanks for hosting. Glad your pup is doing better. Have a fabulous week!

  7. I'm fan fav!!! Thank you for that honor :))) So happy!

    1. I took fan fav button, but it doesn't appear on mine sidebar. Maybe it is becouse of code? I wanted to let you know...

  8. So happy to hear Willow continues to feel better! I can't wait for fall to arrive and I'm looking forward to all the wonderful decorating & food links! Thank you for hosting. Have a happy week!!

  9. Thanks for the great party, have a wonderful week!

  10. Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful week.

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