Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guest Post from Marilyn of 4 You With Love

It's guest post day here at Claiming Our Space!

I am so happy to have Marilyn from 4 You With Love sharing her great stool revamp. She is totally talented and has a great blog.  You should become one of her followers so you don't miss anything!   I am posting over on Marilyn's blog so head on over and check out my end table update.  

Hello to all my new friends at Claiming our Space.  It's so fun to be visiting!  I'm Marilyn and my blog is 4 You With Love.  On my blog you'll find recipes, knitting patterns, tutorials, and more!  Today I'd like to share my most current DIY furniture project.

I just love the look of those retro chrome kitchen stools.  However, they are so expensive.  Here's one of the cheaper ones I found at for $86.99 (marked down from $125.00) with free shipping.  WOW! so if I purchased 4 for to use around my island, it would cost *gulp* $347.96!  Way out of my budget.  But aren't they cool looking?

Well, when I went to Goodwill, I found 4 wooden stools:  2 at $3.00 each and 2 at $4.00 each.  So I've now spent $14.00.  Here's one of the $3.00 stools.

Okay, let's get started on this transformation.  After I sanded down the stool, it was time to paint!
1.  I used Krylon metallic paint.  
2.  I turned the stool upside down and painted the stool following the instructions.  (note:  don't forget to turn your can upside down and "spray" to clean out your nozzle between coats)
3.  I turned the stool right side up to paint the other side of the rungs.

After I was sure the legs and rung were completely painted, it was time to add batting to the seat.
4.  For this step I used quilt batting and spray adhesive.
5.  The batting wasn't quite thick enough so I folded it over for double thickness.  (I secured these layers with spray adhesive)
6.  I sprayed adhesive on the top of the stool seat and placed it on the batting.

7.  Using scissors, I trimmed the batting so that it was about 2-3 inches wider than the stool seat.
8.  Using a staple gun, I began stapling the batting to the under side of the stool.  Be sure to pull your batting tight as you staple so that it is snug.
9.  Once the batting was completely stapled, I trimmed away the excess, especially around the legs.

 Okay, the batting is on, now it's time to cover the seat with vinyl.
10.  I laid the stool seat on top of my large vinyl piece.
11.  I then cut the vinyl so that it was easier to work with.
12.  I trimmed the vinyl into a circular piece.

13.  Using a stable gun, I begin attaching the vinyl to your stool.  Keeping the vinyl snug, I then stapled the opposite side as well.
14.  Next I rotated the stool 90 degrees and repeated step 13.
15.  I continued to staple the vinyl to the under side of the seat.  Once it was firmly attached, I trimmed away the excess vinyl.

Okay, we're in the home stretch.  Are you getting psyched?  I am!
16.   I had accidentally scuffed up some of the paint while I was attaching the vinyl.  I covered the new seat with plastic wrap and then I carefully spray painted the marred areas.
17.  The last step!  I placed some felt circles on the bottom of the legs so that they would not mar my floor.

Are you ready for the big reveal?  Here it is!

Isn't it cool?  Here's the price breakdown for 4 stools:

Stools $14.00
Vinyl (1 yard at 40% off of $16.99) $10.19
4 cans of spray paint $24.00
Batting $4.00
Total cost for 4 stools:  $52.19 or $13.05 each!

Okay, so now what should I purchase with my $295.77 savings?  Decisions, decisions.  

Thanks K for allowing me to visit today.  It's been a blast!  And friends, don't be shy.  Stop by and visit 4 You With Love sometime!



  1. K thanks so much for swapping with me. It's great to be visiting and I had a great time with this. Let's do it again sometime!


  2. Love what you did with the stool! You make it look so simple Marilyn!

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