Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Art in the Hall

While our bedroom hallways are still a work in progress, I couldn't stop myself from hanging some artwork.  It makes is seem a bit less construction zone-ish since it will be a while until we start back to work in this area.  I like art that come with a history and these two are no exception.

The first piece is a favorite of Hubs.  It is one that he has had f.o.r.e.v.e.r. According to his mom, it was purchased for $12 from a pizza parlor in California that showcased art student's paintings.  Since the early 80s it has moved from place to place to place with him and/or her. I thought this part of  hallway would be perfect for it since it is rather large, and the reality is that there isn't really any other place in our home where a giant screaming eagle would fit seamlessly into the décor.

WillowEagleToo bad Willow seems unimpressed by the giant eagle swooping down on her.

The second piece is traditional Chinese peony painting I received for Christmas last year from my mom. A number of years ago I was fortunate to travel with my parents to China.  In addition to seeing the numerous cultural sites, we were able to see a number of skilled Chinese artisans. Their works included paintings, cloisonne, jade carving and pottery. 

During one demonstration, a talented artist painted this in about 5 minutes and, upon its completion, presented it to my mother. (I think he was enamored with her blond hair and blue eyes.) Painted on thin rice paper, it was so delicate that Mom wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  So it was carefully rolled it up and stored it away for safe keeping. Over the years, the "safe place" was forgotten so it was just found again last year, ending up as my Christmas present.

I just love the little bee looking for the blossoms.

Now it is the out from the dark, has been framed and is prominently displayed in our home. (please disregard our lack of baseboards and door trim. Installing them is on "The List.")

Do you have any favorite art hanging in your home?  Does it have it's own history?

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