Saturday, January 28, 2012

To Do This Weekend - 1/28-29: Updated

This weekend's To Dos are about tying up loose ends and an eviction. 

About the eviction, we have a critter, most likely a squirrel in our attic.

FoxSquirrel Source

We have heard the sound of rolling acorns in the ceiling above our bed the last couple of nights.  Definitely not the sound you want to hear late at night.  So we need to scare/remove our unwanted tenant from of the attic, find out where its access point is and then cover it up so we won't continue laying in bed listening to the rolling acorns.  Hopefully the critter is a loner and is all alone up there. (Keeping fingers crossed)

We will then move onto some loose ends in the powder room and foyer. 

Weekend To Dos

  • Evict critter from attic (UPDATE: The eviction is on hold.  It snowed all weekend so we weren't able to get the hole patched up.  So we are hoping that the weather will be nicer next weekend.)
  • Finish trim install in powder room
  • Paint trim in powder room
  • Install trim and baseboards in foyer
  • Paint trim and baseboards in foyer
  • Make elevated food/water bowl stand for Willow
  • Take photos for Sunday post
  • Finish sewing projects for Valentine's Day
  • Nap with the dog
  • Menu plan for week
Wish us luck that the eviction goes quickly and quietly so we can get on with the other items on our list.

I will keep you posted on how things go.

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