Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter is Finally Here!

This past weekend we finally got some snow that actually stuck around for more than a day.  This hasn’t been our usual Michigan winter.  We have had 50+ degree days in December, thunderstorms in January. All in all very very strange winter.

It snowed for three days and we had no wind.  A totally unusual occurrence here in the north.  Usually snow is accompanied by wind and lots of it. Think blowing drifts and the wind chill in the single digits. But that wasn’t the case so I headed out to the backyard with Willow to take a few photos (she doesn’t really like the cold, even with her red jacket).

I think this one of a tree in the backyard looks like lace, woven by Mother Nature.

There were a few berries on one shrub and I can only imagine that the one of the many birds who live in our backyard will find them soon and have a winter snack. And that is about an inch of snow on those branches. The snow was so light and fluffy.

One of my plant hangers is waiting for spring.

The snow was so light, it didn’t settle but stacked up, like little snowflake building blocks, that you could see through.

These beautiful pictures almost make me like winter…almost.

I know that we have at least 2-3 months more of winter so I am spending some quality time flipping through my growing stack of seed catalogs. Makes spring seem a bit closer.

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