Saturday, January 21, 2012

To Dos This Weekend–1/21-22


Another busy weekend here at Casa Claiming.  Winter is here in full force with single degree temps and negative wind chills. Right now it looks beautiful out with clear blue skies but it is so so so cold out.  That seems to be the way it goes in winter, blue skies = freezing temps.  All that just means we need to concentrate on the inside of the house.  Time is a wasting so I better get cracking on my list.

On this list for the weekend

1.  Laundry
2.  Cleaning bathrooms
3.  Doggy Day Spa for Willow (bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, tooth brushing)
4.  Deal with paperwork in office and kitchen
5.  Shopping (Grocery, Garden Store, Bank)
6.  Shoveling at our house and my parent house
7.  Take photos of latest tutorial project
8.  Finish writing tutorial project post
9.  Go to the theater on Sunday afternoon
10.  Get haircut
11.  Go through some more boxes from my childhood stuff
12.  Work on living room update 
13.  Get some wood for a fire this evening
14.  Floors


15.  Color hair (I am back to being a red head!)

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