Saturday, February 11, 2012

To Dos This Weekend: 2/11-12

This weekend is part fun and part work.

First the fun parts. 

It was Hubs' birthday on Wednesday.  He turned the Big Four-Oh! To celebrate such an auspicious occasion, I got him a home brewing kit from Mr. Beer as well as the makings for several batches of different beers.  He plans on whipping up his first batch on Saturday.  Will keep you posted on how it all turns out.

We are having a family dinner on Sunday to celebrate his birthday and my mom's birthday.  Her birthday was back in January but was out of town so we decided to combine the fun this weekend.  I am going to try my hand at making some bread on Saturday so we can have garlic bread on Sunday. Wish me luck. I have never had much luck with making my own bread.

Then there are the work parts.

Massive cleaning to prep for the party. Willow has decided that the unseasonable warm weather means she doesn't need her winter coat anymore. I swear I swiffer up the equivalent of a small Yorkie almost every day.

How does this one dog have so much fur? 

She must position herself so she has maximum sun exposure!

I think that question is one of the mysteries of the universe.

We also are going to try to hook up the new-to-us stereo system that my dad gave us in time for the party. It will be nice to have some music upstairs, finally. Though we have a few obstacles to overcome...including a fireplace between the receiver and one of the speakers.

Hope you all have a good weekend and make progress on your To Do lists.

Our Big List:
1.  (Attempt to) Make bread
2.  Make birthday cake
3. Pre-brown meatballs for birthday dinner
4. Make beer
5.  Remove dog hairs from house
6.  Birthday Dinner
7.  Take photos for blog post
8.  Menu plan
9. Write up blog post
10.  Grocery - going on Monday
11.  Laundry
12.  Try out my new bottle cutter
13.  Shoveling

14.  Hook up new to us stereo system my dad gave us.  We now have music upstairs! Wahoo!

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