Saturday, February 25, 2012

To Dos This Weekend - 2/25-26

D is out of town this weekend.  He is having a mini-reunion with some his Army buddies.  I decided to stay home so they can tell their war stories and stay up all night drinking while they reminisce about the good times and raise their glasses to their friends who didn't make it back.

This means I have the house to myself and I can do whatever I want!  OK, It really means I can get some projects done without anyone bothering me. :-) I think that is even better.
  1. Prime and paint trim in powder room
  2. Work on stripping the paint from the fireplace mantle
  3. Visit Lowes to check on tile
  4. Write blog post for next gallery wall item
  5. Write blog post for next construction project
  6. Take blog post photos
  7. See if I can build a special something for D
  8. Nap with Willow since D is out of town this weekend
  9. Shovel
Of course having the house to myself may end up meaning that I hang out on the couch with Willow watching movies and eating popcorn.  Will keep you posted.

Anything interesting on your weekend To Do lists?

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