Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Dos This Weekend: 2/18-19

For the first time in quite a while, we have no major plans this weekend.  No places to be. No people coming over.  No need to run around.  This means we, hopefully,will have plenty of time to make some progress on the myriad projects we have lingering around the house.

Getting projects done and taking a nap with the dog.  Willow loves naps.  She loves especially loves sleeping under a blanket with her nose under her paw.

So here is our list:
  1. Finish installing trim in the powder room (I am sure our guests love seeing the raggedy drywall at the top of the door when they need to use our loo.)
  2. Paint trim (Because nothing says "far from fabulous" like door trim and baseboards that only have a partial coat of primer on them.)
  3. Trim out "shelves" in powder room (Watch for a post on how I repurposed some drawers for some display/storage.)
  4. Write blog post for next project craft (It involves glass, hot and cold water and basically trying not to cut your finger off.)
  5. Write blog post for next construction project (Willow is a big fan of this one. She loves hanging out in the basement with me and all the cool smells down there.)
  6. Take blog post photos
  7. Nap with the dog :-) (She is such a good snuggler.)
  8. Read through the posts in my Google Reader  (When it no longer gives you a number but just has the 1000+, you know you haven't been keeping up.)
  9. Clean off my dresser and organize my jewelry  (I tend to just put all my jewelry in a bowl on my dresser and it just gets so disorganized. I need to put things away in their boxes, bags and drawers so that things are neat and tidy again.)
  10. Fire up the grill (Hubs and I have had a hankering from some good steak.)
  11. See if I can build a special something for Hubs (Sorry to be cryptic, but he may read this and I don't want to give away the surprise).
I am sure we will have a few more things to throw on the list before the weekend is over, but this is a good start.

What big, or little plans, do you have going on this weekend?

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