Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guest Post from ARod of Makin My Apt a Home

As you may have read late last month, I am taking place in Trading Blogs party hosted by Serendipity & Spice.  Well today is the day! I am happy to have ARod from Makin My Apt a Home guest posting here at Claiming Our Space.

To see my post, head on over to Makin My Apt a Home to see what project I came up with.  With that, onto ARod's post!

 Hi I'm ARod & I would love to Thank Willow & her family D & K over at 
for letting me guest post on their site....

I'm ARod, I no what your thinking...what he has time for blogging?? lol
but I'm a woman lol (My first name starts w an A and my last name is Rodriguez) and i had it first cause i was born before him (and if you don't know who I'm talking about just disregard everything after ARod till now ;)) the blogger behind Makin My Apt a Home

I'm a mom of a very feisty teenager & 1 very lazy CoCo.  I find myself really enjoying decorating & sprucing up our home. "So I hope you'll stop by sometime and say Hi!"

And here is my latest Rub n Buff makeover.  These picture frames were a gift from my best friend Chino who knows I love love love picture frames as he was the brawn behind my ledges install and so many of my other projects...
so here they are the before
and now cause i cant wait to show you is the amazing after (if i do say so myself and i think i just did lol)

and now for how they got this awesome way.....

Rub n Buff this awesome stuff is about $5 a tube and its AMAZING!!!
Literally the name says it all!!
I decided to go with 2 silver and 1 gold to play against the top shelf where I already have 2 gold and 1 silver
and Yes folks those are frames with out pics.  I need to live with things before I commit.  So I put things up or out before there done and live with them to see if we (me and the thing) are compatible lol

and as the frames sat on there new ledge waiting for pics i remember some cute gold & silver tissue paper I had picked up at dollar store just because it was pretty 
and below is my trusty helper & companion CoCo

I am a self professed CHANGE-A-HOLIC!! so please come by anytime and see the changes that I've made.  And will continue to make.....

and again....
for having me here.

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