Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend To Dos 5/26-28 & Menu Plan 5/27-6/1

While it is the holiday weekend, all that means in our house is that there is more time to work on our projects.

We have plans to start the mini-update in the kitchen this weekend so there are new lights, a new faucet and a backsplash in our near future. Yay!! I have already gotten a jump on the painting so we just need to finish some touch ups before moving onto the other pieces.

So here is our weekend To Do list:
  1. Clear counters and move stuff to dining room or basement
  2. Clean walls under the cabinets so they can dry before installation of tile
  3. Work on touching up paint on walls
  4. Install our window AC units
  5. Farmer's Market
  6. Lowe's and/or HD to buy materials (if I don't get there on Friday night) & flowers for planters & pots
  7. Dry fit on the tile
  8. Install tile
  9. Clean up grout joints
  10. Grout tile and clean up
  11. Install lights
  12. Install faucet
  13. Grocery, Cleaning, Laundry, Bank
  14. Do test area by oven on the counter top paint
  15. Fire up the grill
  16. Order more bark (yeah, I can't believe we need more either, but we didn't have enough left over to finish in the garden.)
  17. Plant flowers
  18. Patio furniture from basement
  19. Apply teak oil to the Adirondack chairs
  20. Blog posts - photos and write ups
OK, now that I have it all written down, I am wondering if we will get to do any relaxing this weekend! 

Sunday:  FITF
Monday:  Brats
Tuesday:  Salmon Dinner Salad
Wednesday:  BBQ chicken
Thursday:  Steaks
Friday:  FITF
Saturday:  Orange Chicken

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