Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekend To Dos 5/12-13 & Menu Plan 5/13-19

My To Do list is being posted very late today.  The weather has been cruddy all day and I have been feeling a bit under the weather.  So my plans have been curtailed immensely. I am feeling better now so tomorrow should be a good day

  1. Nap
  2. Laundry, Grocery, Cleaning
  3. Help D with his Mother's Day present (it's pretty darn cute and the project will be posted tomorrow)
  4. Take photos for next week's blog posts
  5. Write up next week's blog posts
  6. Schedule tweets for week
  7. Farmer's Market
  8. Mother's Day dinner with my Mother-in-Law.  My mum is out of town and we will be celebrating with her later.
  9. Finish weed removal/ground prep of the garden paths for bark
  10. Weed Blueberry bed
  11. Get weed blocker and lawn staples to prep garden paths for bark
  12. Spreading bark in garden

We did pretty well this past week with following the menu plan.  The order of the meals switched up a bit, mainly because we forgot to take things out of the freezer. We ended up having a different kind of brat on "Brat Night" and it turns out I had a total brain fart when I was drawing up the menu plan.  I forgot we had tickets to the symphony on Friday night so it ended up being dinner and a show night with dinner at our favorite sushi place. (mmmm, sushi!)

Sunday:  Seasoned steaks, fresh asparagus, brown rice, salad, melon and something tasty for dessert
Monday: FITF
Tuesday:  Gruyere and roasted onion pasta (from the farmer's market) with a Sicilian seasoned white sauce and shredded chicken, salad and garlic bread
Wednesday:  Chipotle burritos (since we didn't end up getting any last week)
Thursday:  Chicken Sate with peanut sauce (moved from last week)
Friday: Nothing planned.  D is going to a birthday party for a friend and I will be taking a upholstery class. 
Saturday: FITF. I will be at my upholstery class all day and D is working.

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