Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend To Dos 5/5-6 & Menu Plan 5/6-12

Another busy weekend around here, made even busier because tomorrow we have our Family Dinner so much of the day will be spent hanging out with family.  I guess we better get cracking since it is already 9:30 am here. 
  1. Willow to the dog park
  2.  Re-caulk roof flashing around fireplace
  3. Get fabric for upholstery class (more on this coming in a later post)
  4. Michael's (D has plans to make his Mom a Mother's Day gift)
  5. Cleaning, Grocery, Laundry
  6. Finish up horse bookends, shadowbox, vertical garden
  7. Take photos of everything
  8. Write up food posts
  9. Take pics of Willow
  10. Mow yard (moved until the grass dries out.)
  11. Work on garden (it rained all weekend. Boo!)
  12. Family Dinner

This is another Family Dinner weekend so tomorrow we will be having a belated Cinco de Mayo dinner.  Plus D is on break before he starts up his summer classes so will be home every night.  That will be a bit of a change since I am used to having the house to myself a couple of nights a week.

Sunday:  Salsa Verde Enchiladas, Corn Salad, Spanish Rice and dessert TBD
Monday:  Smokey Seasoned Steaks
Tuesday:  Chicken Chorizo Brats
Wednesday:  FITF*
Thursday:  Salomon Ceasar Salad
Friday:  Chipotle Burritos or FITF (depends on how many leftovers we have left)
Saturday:  Chicken Sate with Peanut Sauce

*Forage in the Fridge

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