Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is It Bad to Already Be Thinking About Spring?

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We just cleaned up the garden last weekend. Cleared away the tomato plants, pulled up the lettuce that got nibbled by the deer, harvested the last of our potatoes and trimmed back the herbs. While I love Fall and Thanksgiving and all the rest that comes with the cooler weather, is it bad that I am already planning for Spring? I have some big plans and transformations buzzing around my brain for the garden side of the house but it is all a bit overwhelming. 

To help with my plans, I am going to use a great resource from Miracle-Gro and Home Depot when I start to put together my plan for my yard. 

(1) Miracle-Gro

They have wonderful people, called Gardenieres. These folks are located around the country so you can get insight and advice from people in your zone/area.  Gina Iliopoulos, the Midwest Gardeniere, is the one I am going to watch most since she is in the Midwest, just like me.

I love the search function on the site too. It makes it easy to find info on subjects like "sandy soil," an issue we have to deal with on one side of the house due to some old foundation work. I figured it would be easier to work with the sandiness versus hauling in all the dirt to try to make it like the soil in the other parts of the yard.

Looking ahead to Spring, one definite project I will be taking on is more container gardening.  We have lots of tall Oak trees and quite a bit of shade so being able to move the pots from place to place around the yard or garden will fabulous. Plus, I think I may have talked D into letting me get some fruit trees - and the plan is to pot them up so they don't get too big. This means that I will need a bunch of potting mix to keep the pots as light as possible.



This video is a great resource for those looking to expand their container garden.

OK, I need to stop thinking about what is happening in six months and focus on Fall.  Make sure to check out the Find beauty in the Fall website for ideas to go into your garden, yard and flower beds. All I can say is that mums are in my future!

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