Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Was a Merry Christmas!

I got this lovely tool from Hubs. 

It is a Laser Level.

I am so excited. It will make creating photo walls, painting stripes, installing decorative trimwork, putting up shelves and any number of other tasks easier.

The best part, Hubs can tell all his buddies that he bought his wife tools for Christmas and she was happy.   Not that I didn't love the jewelry too.  :-)  But anything that will make our life of updating, renovating and getting the house just the way we want it easier, quicker or less stressful, right now that is what really makes my heart go pitter pat. 

Guess I should let him know that I already have an item to put on my Christmas list for next year.  A compound miter saw.   I see crown moulding in our future. 

On a side note, once I have used it for a few projects, I will do a tool review to let you know how it works in real world applications.

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