Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IKEA Table of a Different Color

After our center bedroom was complete, I realized that we needed another bedside table.  Since we are on a budget, the first place I checked was Craigslist.  However, apparently, the end table/night stand/bedside table is a hot commodity in our area since my searching over several weeks was unfruitful.

My next low cost option?  IKEA.  (Boy do I love that store!)

With the geometric shape theme we have going on in the room, I thought that the round shape of the Noresund table would work quite nicely.

However, the black is all wrong.  It is too dark for the room.

Solution:  Spray Paint!!  Our favorite brand Rust-Oleum in particular. 

I decided to go with a two-tone look.  White glossy for the flat surfaces and navy glossy for the legs.  That color combo ties in with the bedding with the white, blue and green.  To be honest, I would have loved to do a green leg but I couldn't find the right color green in a glossy spray can. However, now that it is in place, I love the navy. It stands out so nicely against the green walls. 

Project Cost:
$20.00 Noresund table
    3.50 1 Can White Gloss Spray Paint
    1.75 1/2 Can Navy Gloss Spray Paint

I am linking this to the Domestically Speaking Power of Paint Party.  Come join in the fun.


  1. this is wonderful! i've never been a fan of this table (well of the design, i loved the price). what an easy, great transformation! good job.

    annie @livingwithannie

  2. I love ikea and i love this table. great job on the makeover- it gives it a totally different look!

  3. I am so glad you did that! I have those exact tables in our guest room and I've really wanted to paint them, but was worried about what they would look like! They look great! That's on my to-do list! Thank you!

  4. nice job! I love the new look. I just changed up a couple of ikea tables (wooden) myself!

  5. Looks great two-toned... Thanks for joining the Power of Paint Party (POPP).


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