Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some Kitchen Progress - Sort Of

We are in the process of stacking up the items we need for the update.

Paint has been purchased. Valspar Key Lime Pie color-matched to Behr paint.

Lights have been picked up from Lowe's.  Though the light I loved and planned to place over the sink is out of stock and they have no idea when it will be back in, so I got this baby instead.

Oooh, shiny!

These will make the kitchen so much brighter
Granite paint has arrived.  We needed to get 2 kits.  Though we may have enough leftover to do one of the bathroom counters as well.

The faucet was delivered, too.

In addition to the sink light hiccup, we ran into another snag on the tile as well.  We need to get a different tile now.  The ones with the beveled edge don't come in 3x3.  That size was needed if we wanted to do the running bond so all the tiles, even the halves, would be beveled. So we will be using a basic, white 3x6 subway tile. Still debating the merits of some accent tile so nothing for the backsplash has been purchased yet.  Hopefully we will get it figured out in the next week or so.

I am think that I may need to take a Friday or Monday off to get a jump on the update so I am pretty sure  there will be an uninterrupted day of painting in my future.

Cost to date:
$   20.00 - Paint
   173.00 - Lighting
  139.00 - Giani Granite Paint
  130.00 - Faucet
$462.00 Current total

Yeah, I think we are going to go over our planned $500 budget. Keeping fingers crossed it stays under $600.


  1. TJ redid my counters with the paint stuff too. I'll get a before and after up. Thanks for the reminder. Can't wait to see this paint color!!

    1. I would love to see how they turned out. I am scared to death that I will muck that part up. I am hoping to get the paint on the walls the week after Easter so should have another update soon.

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