Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1st Quarter Update: 2012 Goals

The first quarter of 2012 has come and gone.

This means it is check in time for My 2012 House Goals.

Um, yeah, things are not going the greatest.  Most have No Progress or Progress Planned. ...sigh... But the weather is quickly warming up, which means the impulse to hibernate under the blankets is much less. In turn this means more progress on projects, or so I hope. ...keeps fingers crossed...

Indoor Projects:
1. Master Bedroom - Progress Planned
  • Major plans scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.
  • We will be installing the new bamboo flooring, painting and replacing the trim.
  • Still haven't found any dressers or nightstands and haven't done anything with the lamps since I am still not sure what color to paint them.
2. Rip out and replace flooring in hall bathroom - No Progress
  • We may be living with the weird floor for a bit longer than we anticipated since we are contemplating a total gut job as well as adding a stacked washer and dryer to the bathroom.  So that means this now becomes a 2013 project. [I better start on my draft 2013 post. :-S]
3. Living Room- PROGRESS
  • The mantle is half stripped.
  • Woodwork has one coat of white paint
  • No progress on the tiling of the fireplace surround.
  • Shelves and lights have been installed in one cabinet.
  • Still need to work on the second cabinet.
  • Still need to order additional glass shelves.
4. Install baseboards and trim in the hallways, foyer and living room - No progress.

5. Set up crafting/sewing area in the downstairs guest room - PROGRESS
  • My craft/sewing area has been set up in the main part of the basement family room. Still in the process of getting organized. [I am sitting at the desk and typing up this post. :-)]
6. Create dedicated exercise area in basement with small TV - PROGRESS
  • Old carpet has been removed.
  • Exercise Equipment has been moved.
  • Still need to figure out how to deal with the TV. There are no outlets in that part of the basement and we don't want to get another cable box, and the cost that comes with it, so we need to get a digital converter box.
7. Replace fixtures/lighting in the master and hall bathrooms - Progress Planned

8. Finish the wall repair in the hallway - No Progress

9. Install curtains and shelving to create a "linen closet" of sorts in the back hallway - No Progress

10. Install new lighting in the hallways - No Progress
  • We are replacing some lights in the kitchen and I plan to paint those to go in the hall.
Outdoor Projects:
1. Replace/repair small deck off kitchen and add stairs to garden - No Progress

2. Expand the garden by adding more garden boxes - Progress Planned
  • The wood has been purchased but still needs to be cut and put together and filled with dirt.
3. Build a potting bench - No Progress

4. Build a strawberry tower - Decided to move this one to 2013

5. Install fencing around the garden to keep out the critters - Progress Planned
  • I have been doing research and think I have found something at Home Depot that will work.
6. Hire someone to take down several large trees - Progress Planned
  • We are in the process of getting quotes on the cost from several tree trimming companies
7. Finish steps from garage to garden - No Progress

8. Clean up/rework the "natural areas" in the backyard - No Progress
  • Remove several plants that we have learned can be poisonous for Willow
  • Cut down some dying/sickly trees for more light
  • Possibly plant some Columnar apple trees, if I can talk D into it (this is also moved to 2013.  I need more time to try to persuade him.)
Furniture projects:  No Progress but now that the weather is over 50 degrees and is painting weather again, hopefully that will change soon.

1 and only 1 goal: Finish repainting/restaining/etc. my "project" pieces.

I currently have waiting for my attention
  • 4 nightstands/end tables
  • 1 dresser
  • 1 bar cart
  • 3 lamps (not including 1 lamp shade redo)
  • 1 chair
  • 1 cedar chest
  • 2 buffets
Next checkup will be the first week of July.  Check back then to see if we have made any more progress.

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