Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend To Dos 4/21-22 & Menu Plan 4/ 22-28

Why does it seem like as the weather gets warmer there are more things to add to the To Do list? Maybe because it is true?  In addition to all the inside stuff, you get to add the outside stuff.  With our light winter and early spring, I feel like we got "cheated" out of more weekends that could have been spent tackling our inside projects.  I guess that is just the way it works sometimes.

Onto our To Do list for this weekend.  It is pretty light on items since we still have a bunch of this stuff to spread.

We managed to get about half of it spread last weekend and during the week, while dodging rain storms, but still have a ton left to go. I have to say that I didn't take a photo of what is left of the pile since it makes me a little sad that there is still so much left after we have already done so much work.
  1. Finish spreading bark (we are almost done in the front yard. Yay!)
  2. Trim box woods
  3. Mow lawn
  4. Fill out and send CSA form
  5. Contact local farmers on pricing on a whole pig and a 1/2 cow
  6. Attend cousin's girlfriend's baby shower
  7. Laundry/cleaning/grocery
  8. Plant seedlings and seeds in garden
  9. Bring papers to Boy Scout paper drive
  10. Make dog bed cover for Willow

Sunday:  Beef Roast in the slow cooker (moved from last week. Since we had so many leftovers, we didn't make this.)
Monday:  Honey Mustard & Dill Salmon from Alderberry Hill. I saw this on a linky party and thought it looked so tasty.
Tuesday:  FITF*
Wednesday:  FITF
Thursday:  Balsamic-Rosemary Grilled Pork Chops
Friday:  Chipotle Burrito
Saturday:   FITF (D is going to visit a friend for the weekend)

*FITF=Forage in the Fridge

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