Thursday, March 1, 2012

Menu Plan: 3/1-7

This post should be called Whoops and Yay!

First the whoops!  "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry," is a perfect quote for last week. I had a menu plan and I had recipes, printed out and ready to go.  What I didn't have was a reminder in my calendar to take important ingredients like the chicken and the pork roast out of the freezer. Whoops! So we swapped out the planned dinners of last week for whatever we could throw together. Yeah, that defeats the purpose of the menu plan so we are going to try to do better about the actual implementation of the meals, like taking big frozen stuff out a couple of days in advance.

Now for the Yay!  This weekend is the first of our "Monthly Family Dinners." After the success of the birthday dinner last month, D and I decided that we would host a family dinner on the first Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm. The invite list is the same every month - my parents, my brother, my great-aunt, D's mom and a close family friend who is like family - and whoever can make it can make it. Meals will be family style so we don't need to have an exact number.

Thursday: Crockpot Rotisserie-Style Chicken

Friday: FITF*

Saturday: Out to dinner

Sunday: Family Dinner Day! Costco Lasagna, home baked Italian bread, Caesar salad, blueberry crumble

Monday: D's fabulous marinated steak

Tuesday: FITF

Wednesday: FITF

The only thing I need to remember to take out of the freezer is the steaks. Hopefully I won't muck that up. :-)

*Forage in the Fridge

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