Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Plans to Make the Kitchen a Little Less Bland

We love our house. However, the kitchen is one area that we are not entirely keen on. It is big but the layout - it is a disaster.

When we moved in, it was bland bland bland and just not our style. White cabinets, white appliances, cream walls, cream counters, brass knobs and hinges.

This is one of the listing photos.

See what I mean?  It almost puts you to sleep.

Don't even get me started on the work "triangle." I put that in quotes because it is more like a work free form geometric shape.  That particular issue won't be addressed until we do a total gut job and that is still several years away. For now we are going to just make some cosmetic changes. 

Here's the plan: paint on the walls, the knobs and hinges, the countertop;  tile on the backsplash, install a new faucet and new lighting.

Mini Kitchen Makeover

Mini Kitchen Makeover on polyvore.com
  1. Paint:  Valspar Key Lime Pie
  2. Tile:  COUNTERPARTS 3" x 6" White Ceramic Wall Tile
  3. Grout:  light gray or silver.  Brand TBD.
  4. Knobs and hinges: painted with Rustoleum hammered silver
  5. Countertops: Giani Granite Bombay Black kit
  6. Faucet:  IKEA Hjuvik (or something similar)
  7. Over sink light:  Portfolio 10"W Steel 1-Light Pendant Light with Clear Shade
  8. Ceiling Lights: Portfolio 4-Light Brushed Steel Fixed Track Light
If all goes well, I am pretty sure we can do our mini makeover for less than $500.  Not too shabby.

Watch for posts on our progress over the next few months as we tackle each item.


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