Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend To Do 3/30-4/1 & The Week's Menu Plan [Double Whammy Post]

I feel like we should just put one thing on our To Do list this weekend. Finish painting the trim in the powder room.  I feel like I need to have a Scarlett O'Hara moment "As God is my witness, not another weekend will go by without the project getting completed!" So it is item #1 on my list.
  1. Work on painting and caulking trim in powder room (Yay! progress!)
  2. Willow to dog park
  3. "Doggie Day Spa" for Willow (bath, ear cleaning, flea & tick stuff application)
  4. Work on living room cabinets
  5. Grocery, Laundry, Cleaning (the weekend triumvirate)
  6. Figure out which (or both) file cabinet my Dad wants
  7. Continue work on stripping paint off fireplace mantle
  8. Finish organizing crafty corner
  9. Write up blog post for Easter egg holder
  10. Take photos of Easter egg holder
  11. Plant indoor seeds for tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers 
  1. Finish cutting up and bundling carpet in new workout area
  2. Move workout equipment to new workout area
  3. Move boxes to storage area in basement
  4. Unpack the Russian Legends plates my mom gave us and place in the dining room on the plate rail
It will be interesting to see how well we do this weekend. Wish us luck on item #1. I may just throw a party for one if I get it done.

This week's menu plan is all about quick and easy.  It is going to be a busy week since we are hosting Easter Dinner at our house for family. That means we need to do massive cleaning, lots of shopping and basically make the house spotless and organized for the dinner.  Not so easy when you currently have a compressor in the living room. :-)

Sunday: Pork Milanese with side salad
Monday: Crockpot Bacon and Cheese Chicken
Tuesday: FITF*
Wednesday: FITF
Thursday: Homemade Meatballs and Marinara Sauce
Friday: Parmesan coated salmon
Saturday: Chipotle Burritos

*Forage In The Fridge

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