Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Do This Weekend: 3/10-11

First off, don't forget that tonight we
I have to share that I am torn on this whole Spring Forward business.  I get that it means that Spring is coming, the weather is getting warmer, I get to spend time in the outside/in the garden and all the good stuff that comes with Spring, but on Sunday it means I get one less hour of sleep!  (Don't worry, I am sure I will survive.)

OK, now that I got my dirt kicking out of the way, onto our To Do list.

We did pretty darn good last week. Only two things we didn't get to at all and one thing did partially finished.  I just love crossing stuff off a list. (It really is a sickness...)

This weekend, one hour less and all, is another busy one.
  1. Continue working on living room bookshelf (paint second coat on cabinet and trim, get shelves up)
  2. Continue work on stripping paint off fireplace mantle
  3. Finish organizing crafty corner
  4. Take photos for blog posts - crafty corner and sewing machine cover
  5. Write up blog post - crafty corner and sewing machine cover
  6. Grocery
  7. Laundry
  8. Cleaning
  9. Willow to dog park
  10. Lowe's to check on tile, buy brackets for shelves in item 1 and storage tubs for item 3)
  11. Finish painting trim in powder room
  12. Work on project for D
  13. Go to local garden store to get stuff for starting seeds
  14. Plant seeds
What interesting stuff do you have going on this weekend?

UPDATE:  Yeah, this was a bad weekend.  I was laid low by a nasty cold and so not much happened.  Here's hoping this coming weekend is better.

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